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Your Hairy Godmother


Your Hairy Godmother is your Hair Drama Preventionist and she is taking the “Mis”- out of Miscommunication in salon relationships.
Uncover salon myths while being  enlightened and entertained with stories from behind the chair.
“Her accent will pull you in, her kindness and generosity will make you stay, but her love for the industry will make you listen.”
Judith Moore
Regional Director 
John Paul Mitchell Systems

Going The Extra Mile


Michelle the explains the benefits of her life long philosophy of the going the extra mile.This book is a complilation of inspirational stories written by Certified Coaches and Leaders from the Napolean Hill Foundation. 

Refusing To Quit


This inspiring book was co-authored with Certified Leaders from the Napoleon Hill Foundation. These true stories from around the world showcase the success philosphies that Dr Hill taught, proving that his principles of success are not only timeless,but also without borders.

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