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"Her accent will pull you in, her kindness and generosity will make you stay, but her love for the industry will make you listen."                Judith Moore

Regional Director 

John Paul Mitchell Systems

Michelle Casey

Founder of HairCology TM


Michelle is an experienced intuitive communicator. She is a Certified Professional Life Coach who specializes in coaching techniques to remove communication blocks and emotional tangles in the salon chair and beyond. HairCology ™  establishes communication formats for salon industry professionals and their clients.These systems and techniques are translatable and have universal merits in many other customer service arenas as well as leadership environments.


After almost 30 years in customer service she offers workshops and seminars in communications, as well as personal development.Michelle is also a Certified Leader for the Napoleon Hill Foundation, teaching success principles. She is an active member of the National Speakers Association, as a professional speaker.Toastmasters International infuses her passion for speaking, which is why she served as an area director.


She  became a proud American citizen in 1997, after immigrating from England in her early twenties. Her career began in the salon industry as a young hairstylist, advancing as a salon owner and National Educator for John Paul Mitchell Systems.


Michelle was also fortunate enough to be introduced to N.A.M.I(National Alliance on Mental Illness) which lead her to volunteer and teach in their family support program. She now serves on the board.

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