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 Your Hairy Godmother

  Speaker & Communications Coach

 "It's not what you say-

  It's what they hear that counts"

 Empower  Engage  Enlighten

Not feeling heard is the #1 reason people leave a business or personal relationship.

Learn simple techniques to take the "mis" out of misunderstanding!

Many of us have faced the frustration of not feeling heard. When we take the time to listen and understand someone ,it offers immeasurable value for both parties . Each person feels empowered and engaged in the process and as a result creative ideas bring enhanced results to problem solving. The sky is the limit when we have harmony in our relationships. Conversely the opposite happens when we can't exchange  our thoughts ideas and solutions.
Have you ever been confused by what someone is trying to say? Have you ever felt like you've done everything you can to please someone only to encounter  disappointment or even hostility? Do you sometimes feel like the only thing left to do is to grin and bear it or just simply shake your head and walk away?
  • Learn how to recognize potential problems before they occur.
  • Develop simple communication systems that  feel safe for everyone
  • Become an intuitive communicator and see what others miss.
  • Prevent  and resolve conflict without feeling like we're walking on eggshells
Discover new things about these mysteries as Michelle uncovers the myths and realities with client - hairdresser relationships. Learn strategies and insights discovered from behind the salon chair . Save time, money and make life so much easier! 
Share in the magic of this wonderful wisdom and humor which Michelle brings from inside the cloud of fairy dust. Journey with her, as she offers tribute to the clients she's witnessed looking anxiously in to the magic mirror. Take a peek behind the scenes and learn more about what it takes to be a hairstylist , Your Hairy Godmother and a great communicator.
Are you ready to discover your part in these most intimate ties and bring new magic to our salon experiences? Come on in and let’s wave the wand together…
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