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Your Hairy Godmother is coming in November!

Your Hairy Godmother

Empowering those sitting in the salon chair-

as well as those standing behind it!

Understand more about communication with a hairstylist.

It's not what we say ,it's how it's heard that counts!

Over the past 26 years, Michelle Casey has learned to harness the power of perception and its reflected value to her clients. As a veteran hairstylist and Certified Life Coach, she is able to define this understanding and clarify the power it holds in the salon chair.

Share in the magic of this wonderful wisdom and humor that Michelle brings from inside the cloud of fairy dust , as she offers tribute to the hundreds of clients she's witnessed looking anxiously in to the magic mirror.

Take a peek behind the scenes and

learn more about what it takes to be a hairstylist.

Discover new things about these mysteries as Michelle uncovers the myths and realities with client /hairdresser relationships.

What is it we really want? How should we ask for it?

How do we get a hairdresser to listen?

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